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Customer Testimonials

Eyelit customers across many high-tech industry segments shared what they liked best about previous Eyelit user conferences:

"The Eyelit team deliver a top-notch conference experience."
– Lee at Verigy
"It gave me the possibility to get in touch with other customers and staff of eyelit additionally I came up with some new ideas for my business and our future IT roadmap."
– Dieter at AMS
"I liked the networking and open discussions with other users. Also, it was good to have the chance to give Eyelit some feedback and make suggestions for product enhancements."
– Carson at M/A-COM Technology solutions
"Our staff returned pleased with the conference experience and the knowledge they gained from Eyelit employees and its other customers. We are looking forward to deploying and taking advantage of some of Eyelit's newest features."
– Phil at M/A-COM Technology Solutions
"I really enjoyed the Eyelit customer presentations and was impressed with how Eyelit works closely with its customers. As a new customer, I found the family-like environment of the conference very reassuring."
– Axel at Centrotherm Photovoltaics AG
"The experience exchange between customers and users, the discussion with the Eyelit experts, learning about new options, and meeting with open-minded people were some of the many benefits of the conference."
–Sophia at Nemotek
"The opportunity to speak with other Eyelit users was the foremost benefit. Secondarily, the opportunity to see and discuss Eyelit's release roadmap."
– Herb at Micralyne
"I liked the user presentations. It is useful to see what other companies do and how they use the system."
– Anne at Sematech
"Conversations with the Eyelit team and other users was instructive, and provided as much insight and information as the presentations did."
– Marti, Automotive industry and power semiconductors industry
"Meeting and talking one-on-one with Eyelit users was really helpful."
– Michael, Capacitive touch solutions, microcontrollers, advanced logic, mixed-signal, and non-volatile memory industry
"The level of technical detail was much appreciated. Being able to speak to other Eyelit customers was also a great experience."
– Bob, Aerospace and Defense microelectronics industry





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