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Eyelit Inc. Wins Prestigious AMR Research Award for Innovation

January 24, 2006
Eyelit Inc., a manufacturing management software developer and provider for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations for the electronics, life sciences, and semiconductor industries, announced today that it has won an Innovation Award from AMR Research. The Innovation Awards were presented by AMR Research's Chief Research Officer Bruce Richardson at its Strategy 21 conference, AMR Research's enterprise applications marketplace event for software vendors and the financial community. The Innovation Awards were given to companies with breakthrough ideas in business technology.

AMR Research recognized companies for continuous innovation and selected one company in three separate revenue categories for delivering the most innovative products or services during the past 12 months. Recipients were chosen for demonstrating sustainable competitive advantage through the application of a business model not easily copied, trailblazing in a market or industry, addressing a key business issue, spurring new business with the ability to uproot or overtake an existing market, and having referenceable customers.

Eyelit offers a uniquely affordable, paperless manufacturing system that helps companies better manage and control operations, improve yields and product quality, reach volumes quickly, and reduce time to market. With MES, Asset Management, Quality and Compliance Management, Product Costing, and Integration, Eyelit's product suite is the broadest out-of-the-box solution in the industry. The suite can be implemented in a third of the time for half the cost of comparable products.

Accepting on behalf of Eyelit Inc., Dan Estrada, Vice-President of Sales and Business Development, commented, "We are honored to receive such a highly sought-after award. I like that AMR Research takes the time to visit and call customers to verify vendor claims. We need to continue turning our innovation into real value for our customers and change the way industry looks at manufacturing software vendors."

"Being an early adopter of Eyelit's products, BreconRidge was able to save significantly in the first year of implementation. This innovation award further validates that Eyelit was the correct choice for our EMS business model. We were able to implement Eyelit's solution much faster and at a much lower cost than typical manufacturing solutions. We continue to use Eyelit's product to help us achieve our growth goals and cost targets. Next, using Eyelit's Innovative Service-oriented Architecture, we are integrating Eyelit products with SAP," said Jeff Paddison, CIO, BreconRidge.

Customer success is the cornerstone of innovation at Eyelit Inc." said Eyelit Inc. CEO Salil Jain. "We're excited and pleased that AMR Research recognizes the value that Eyelit's products provide to our customers. I personally appreciate that referenceable accounts are key criteria," he continued.

About Eyelit Inc.

Eyelit is the leader in Operations and Business Process Management (OPM and BPM) solutions for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations for the electronics, life sciences, and semiconductor industries. Eyelit uniquely delivers a broad set of manufacturing solutions, including product costing, asset management, manufacturing execution, supply chain execution, quality management, and business process management, that enable our customers to rapidly and cost-effectively optimize production and company processes. With exceptional customer service, Eyelit has time and again proven superior innovative technology can deliver quicker time to value. More than 40 leading companies, including Analog Devices, BreconRidge, Freescale Semiconductor (Motorola), Innovative Micro Technology (IMT), Kodak, Skyworks Inc., Tower Semiconductor, and VTI Technologies, rely on Eyelit as a trusted software partner.

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"Eyelit is one of a new breed of production management suppliers that "gets it" when it comes to plant software. This is what manufacturers need in order to enhance enterprise performance in real time."