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Eyelit's Award-winning Integrated Manufacturing Execution (MES) Software Selected by Kionix

Eyelit’s leading MES in the MEMS market will advance operational excellence at New York site

March 28, 2012 4:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time
TORONTO, Canada—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Eyelit Inc., a manufacturing software provider for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations for the aerospace and defense, discrete electronics, semiconductor, and photovoltaic (solar) industries, announced that Kionix, Inc., a global leader in the design and fabrication of MEMS-based inertial sensors, has selected Eyelit Manufacturing™ software to support production at its manufacturing facility in Ithaca, New York, USA.

Kionix is moving to an enterprise-wide MES solution that targets its project specification for highest-speed real-time access to reliable production information that will keep pace with increasing production demand. With Eyelit’s advanced software, Kionix is positioned to achieve this and more. Eyelit’s Asset Management™ software will streamline predictive maintenance, and Eyelit FactoryConnect™ will provide Kionix with the integration control and coordination capabilities to best manage expanding operations. 

“With considerable growth expected over the next two years, we sought a solution that would scale with us. Eyelit’s manufacturing software provides a cost-effective, quick-to-implement solution that includes a remarkable depth of functionality that will undoubtedly meet our current and future needs,” stated Ken Hager, COO and Vice President of Operations for Kionix. “Along with all the advantages that come with elevating our IT infrastructure, we will also decrease our total cost of ownership with the implementation of Eyelit’s software.” 

“Eyelit continues to be the preferred solution in the MEMS industry because we provide a cost-effective, highly scalable solution that can handle the production volumes and complexities of semiconductor and MEMS fabrication,” stated Dan Estrada, Eyelit’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We repeatedly surpass our competitors in our speed of implementation, customer satisfaction, and overall value. We help our customers accomplish, in a fraction of the time and cost, much more than competing MES vendors. We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with Kionix to advance their operations and enable the company to realize the benefits of using Eyelit’s award-winning technology.”

About Kionix (www.kionix.com)

Kionix, Inc., located in Ithaca, New York, USA, is a wholly owned subsidiary of ROHM Co., Ltd. of Japan. The company pioneered high-aspect-ratio silicon micromachining based on research originally conducted at Cornell University and today enjoys a global reputation for MEMS product design, process engineering and quality manufacturing. Consumer electronics leaders worldwide utilize Kionix's products, development tools and application support to enable motion-based gaming; user-interface functionality in mobile handsets, personal navigation and TV remote controllers; and hard-disk-drive drop protection in mobile products. Kionix’s MEMS products are further diversified into the automotive, industrial and healthcare sectors. Kionix offers one of the industry’s broadest families of MEMS devices that incorporate tri-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes along with the mixed-signal-interface integrated circuits that provide algorithm processing of sensor data.

About Eyelit Inc. (www.eyelit.com)

Eyelit Inc. is the leader in Manufacturing Execution and Quality Management (MES and QMS) solutions for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations for the aerospace & defense, electronics, semiconductor, and solar industries. Eyelit uniquely delivers a broad set of manufacturing solutions, including Asset Management (Semi E10, SEMI PV2-0709), Factory Integration (Automation), Manufacturing Execution (MES/MOM), Supply Chain Management, Quality Management (CAPA/OCAP/SPC/APC/RMA), and Business Process Management, that enable its customers to rapidly and cost-effectively optimize production and company processes.

With exceptional customer service, Eyelit has time and again proven that superior innovative technology can increase efficiency and value. More than 40 leading companies, including A123 Systems, Ascent Solar, austriamicrosystems, Calisolar, CEA-Leti, centrotherm photovoltaics AG, Deutsche Solar, Dupont Innovalight, FLIR Systems, Freescale Semiconductor, M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Nemotek Technologie, Mentor Graphics, Shan Solar Pvt Ltd, SEMATECH, Solyndra, Tower Semiconductor, Umicore, and VTI Technologies, rely on Eyelit as a trusted software partner.

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