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Eyelit Inc. Announces New Automated Data Services Module for Lower-Cost Factory and Business Process Automation

The module’s configuration capabilities for end users reduce the effort and cost of data integration

July 26, 2012 10:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time
TORONTO, Canada—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Eyelit Inc., a manufacturing software provider for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations for the aerospace & defense, discrete electronics, semiconductor, and photovoltaic (solar) industries, announces the release of the new Automated Data Services (ADS) module for simplified data capture and streamlined data sharing.

With Eyelit’s new ADS module, companies can easily automate factory and business processes to improve operations without resorting to traditional programming. Through ADS, Eyelit MES™, Eyelit QMS™, and Eyelit Asset Management™ transactions can be triggered from various sources, such as equipment controllers, contract manufacturers, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, scheduling systems, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Information can be easily combined into a single operational data store, which improves responsiveness by enabling end-to-end, virtual-factory and supply-chain queries and reports in real time.

The ADS module provides end users with an efficient way to import data from external data sources through database triggers, Excel files, or comma-separated values files, and then automatically execute transactions in Eyelit applications. Users simply match data from a database file or flat file to an Eyelit scripted transaction. Scripts may be manually invoked, or set up to be automatically triggered, based on events initiated in external systems. Business conditions monitored by Eyelit’s applications may also be configured to initiate third-party transactions in a similar manner.

"We've successfully deployed Eyelit MES at Stion’s Mississippi plant using the ADS module for factory and tool integration," stated Vijay Mani, Director of IT, Stion. "The functionality greatly streamlined the architecture of our factory automation, and enabled us to quickly implement a solution to support our factory ramp. The flexibility of the Eyelit software made it simple to bring all the data together and turn it into easily accessible and useful information that automatically triggers appropriate actions. We were able to automate data collection from the first tool within one week. Within four weeks, we deployed automated data collection across the entire production line."

"Traditionally, the high cost and complexity of integration programming was an impediment to many data automation projects," stated Dan Estrada, Eyelit's Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. "Integrating data and automating both factory and business processes are imperative to optimize product quality, quicken response time, and foster better customer service. Eyelit's ADS module has been successfully deployed at several of Eyelit’s customer sites, and has dramatically reduced the time and cost of data integration and aggregation."

About Eyelit Inc. (www.eyelit.com)

Eyelit Inc. is the leader in Manufacturing Execution and Quality Management (MES and QMS) solutions for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations for the aerospace & defense, electronics, semiconductor, and solar industries. Eyelit uniquely delivers a broad set of manufacturing solutions, including Asset Management (Semi E10, SEMI PV2-0709), Factory Integration (Automation), Manufacturing Execution (MES/MOM), Supply Chain Management, Quality Management (CAPA/OCAP/SPC/APC/RMA), and Business Process Management, that enables its customers to rapidly and cost-effectively optimize production and company processes.

With exceptional customer service, Eyelit has time and again proven that superior innovative technology can increase efficiency and value. More than 50 leading companies, including A123 Systems, Ascent Solar, austriamicrosystems, CEA-Leti, FLIR Systems, Freescale Semiconductor, M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Nemotek Technologie, Mentor Graphics, SEMATECH, TowerJazz, Stion, Umicore, and Murata Electronics Oy, rely on Eyelit as a trusted software partner.

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