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Eyelit Inc. Announces the Resounding Success of Its 2011 User Conference

Eyelit Inc. concludes another successful user conference, and achieves the highest attendance and approval rating to date.

September 16, 2011 4:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time
TORONTO, Canada—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Eyelit Inc., a manufacturing software provider for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations for the aerospace & defense, discrete electronics, semiconductor, and photovoltaic (solar) industries, announced the resounding success of its user conference, which was held August 2 – 4, 2011 at the scenic Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort and Spa in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The user conference marked a milestone of growth and achievement for Eyelit. There was a 40% increase in attendees and four times as many customer presentations, as compared to Eyelit's previous user conference. A notable 25% of the attendees represented prospective Eyelit customers that are currently using PROMIS™, Workstream™ or FAB300™, which affirmed Eyelit's market position as a viable legacy MES alternative. Eyelit was pleased by the post-conference survey results, which relayed positive remarks from respondents and showed that 85% of attendees had rated the event as "excellent."

The presentation "PROMIS™ to Eyelit MES™ in 8 Weeks" by M/A-COM Technology Solutions was a big draw for attendees. This presentation outlined M/A-COM Tech's speedy migration to Eyelit's MES software solution and showed how the conversion eliminated the need for several PROMIS™-related custom programs, which had been integrated within the Eyelit model. Prospective customers were impressed that Eyelit's MES software could enable such a fast, efficient, and low-risk conversion. Another notable presentation was Sematech's "MES Deployment in R&D." Sematech described how Eyelit's software was seamlessly integrated with Sematech's IT infrastructure, and provided enhanced tracking functionality for special lot processing. Nemotek showcased its unique implementation, the agility of Eyelit's services team, and Eyelit software's ease of use in its session "Deploying Eyelit Using WebEx and Skype." Attendees were enthusiastic about the exchange of ideas during group discussions, and came away from the presentations with a high regard for the scope and capabilities of Eyelit's solutions.

"I really enjoyed the Eyelit customer presentations and was impressed with how Eyelit works closely with its customers. As a new customer, I found the family-like environment of the conference very reassuring," said Axel Herold, Research and Development Manager, centrotherm photovoltaics AG.

"Our staff returned to M/A-COM pleased with the conference experience and the knowledge they gained from Eyelit employees and its other customers. We are looking forward to deploying and taking advantage of some of Eyelit's newest features," reported Phil Stathas, Director of IT, M/A-COM Technology solutions.

"The Eyelit presentations were certainly informative and fun," stated Salil Jain, Eyelit's President and Chief Executive Officer, "but they were outshined by the case studies and real-life scenarios brought forth by our customer presenters. We appreciated how open and candid the customer presentations were, judging by the speakers' sense of achievement in relaying their experiences. We hope this assembly has inspired a greater appreciation of just how far Eyelit MES software can take them."

About Eyelit Inc. (www.eyelit.com)

Eyelit Inc. is the leader in Manufacturing Execution and Quality Management (MES and QMS) solutions for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations for the aerospace & defense, electronics, semiconductor, and solar industries. Eyelit uniquely delivers a broad set of manufacturing solutions, including Asset Management (Semi E10, SEMI PV2-0709), Factory Integration (Automation), Manufacturing Execution (MES/MOM), Supply Chain Management, Quality Management (CAPA/OCAP/SPC/APC/RMA), and Business Process Management, that enables its customers to rapidly and cost-effectively optimize production and company processes.

With exceptional customer service, Eyelit has time and again proven that superior innovative technology can increase efficiency and value. More than 40 leading companies, including Ascent Solar, austriamicrosystems, A123 Systems, Calisolar, CEA-Leti, centrotherm photovoltaics AG, Deutsche Solar, Dupont Innovalight, FLIR Systems, Freescale Semiconductor, M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Nemotek Technologie, Mentor Graphics, SEMATECH, Shan Solar Pvt Ltd., Solyndra, Tower Semiconductor, Umicore, and VTI Technologies, rely on Eyelit as a trusted software partner.

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