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Manufacturers face constant pressure to do things better and faster. Eyelit products optimize performance across all production related operations—manufacturing execution, supply chain execution/coordination, product costing, asset and quality management—and coordinate the flow of critical manufacturing information throughout the enterprise. This keeps manufacturing aligned with the rest of the business and makes quick adjustments to market or customer demands possible.

The eyelit Manufacturing™ solution delivers a full-featured, technically advanced manufacturing execution system (MES), asset management, product costing, plant-level connectivity hub, and much more. By giving clear insight into production process efficiency, performance/equipment efficiency, inventory control and resource management along with the ability to automatically react to conditions in any factory system, eyelit Manufacturing™ enables customers to coordinate, control, and respond to changing demands in production.

Get complete control of factory efficiency with fully integrated electronic:
  • Product and WIP Modeling
  • Equipment and Site Modeling
  • Process and Route Modeling
  • Detailed WIP Tracking
  • Bill of Materials
  • Real-time Product Cost Accounting (Activity or Standard Based)
  • Equipment Maintenance Management
  • Tooling Management
  • Carrier Management
  • Process and Engineering Data Collection
  • Detailed Recording and Verification of Product Genealogy
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Analysis tools
  • Interface with ANY other platform or system
  • Centralized Security and Administration
  • System and User-Defined Reporting

eyelit Manufacturing™ makes managing and optimizing day-to-day factory operations not just possible, but easy. It provides detailed visibility into equipment utilization, work-in-process (WIP) status, bottlenecks on the shop floor, yields, cycle times, inventory levels, process control, AND the ability to take immediate action to correct any problem or inefficiency. Electronically manage equipment and physical facilities. Create, distribute, and control tasks for technicians. Set and calculate standard or activity-based costing in real time. Maintain a holistic view of each factory by sharing information seamlessly among tools/equipment, databases, third-party software, ERPs, and more. Even if you are in the semiconductor, electronics, MEMS or another complex manufacturing environment, eyelit Manufacturing™ optimizes production and delivers intelligent control of your operations.

Have It Your Way. Eyelit Delivers System-wide, Code-free Customization
Eyelit Manufacturing™ empowers users to configure, not code, their solution to be adaptive to their needs and to easily make changes as the organization changes. Out-of-the-box functionality is provided for every primary need encountered when modeling process. All eyelit Manufacturing™ operations are then managed using an advanced interactive interface that sets up in seconds. This Interactive Performance Monitor™ (IPM) allows users to configure logical representations of their production operations and any resources within it. The IPM is completely personalized and can accommodate any process so that users get more correct, detailed, and relevant information, as well as complete control over it. The IPM eliminates the need to code complex business rules. System set-up, use, and maintenance are incredibly simple and fast. No other manufacturing efficiency products are as easy to implement, customize and use.
We've Got Your Back: Eyelit Searches Out and Resolves Production Issues before They Become Problems
Eyelit Manufacturing™ proactively looks for and resolves inefficiencies across operations at the finest levels of detail. This means that issues are under control before they become production problems. Eyelit Manufacturing™ is on alert even when issues span multiple systems. For example, if a furnace is running high on the plant floor, the system will detect the deviance and automatically page the proper repair technician. At the same instant, a quality action is initiated and management staff are notified by email, instant messaging, pager, or their personalized executive dashboard. With eyelit Manufacturing™, inefficiencies will never be able to sneak up on you again.
Teaming Information and Connectivity for Complete Efficiency
Factory MES is only one part of a manufacturing efficiency solution. The ability to tie in ERP systems, equipment, and other peripherals is key to enabling the flow of information to the individuals who need it most. With eyelit Manufacturing™, you get seamless information sharing (no matter what systems you need to integrate), the ability to see the whole picture, and the power to take action across all factory systems.
Bring On Your Unique Processes. Eyelit Delivers in ANY Production Environment or Industry.
Complex or simple—even highly regulated industries—eyelit Manufacturing™ handles them all. The product is modular in nature, so you assemble only the functionality you need as you need it. Eyelit's unique technology keeps additions or changes to the system simple and cost effective. eyelit Manufacturing™ is built to handle the flow of manufacturing information through any process, platform, or operating system, making it affordable and flexible to meet the needs of every manufacturer.
Manufacturing Efficiency Has Never Been Faster
Through simple clicks and object drags, users can rapidly deploy any Eyelit application to suit their unique environment and requirements. A blend of advanced technology, deep manufacturing experience, and a dedication to understanding our customer’s business requirements has led to some of the fastest deployment times in the industry.


  • MES
    Quickly and easily model, track, and control any production process—even in the most complex manufacturing environments. Automatically detect, analyze, and resolve problems in the factory for “always optimized” operations.
  • Asset Management
    Keep all your production assets serviced and operating smoothly. Electronically manage equipment and facilities maintenance and technician tasks with alerts, scheduling, status reporting, and fully documented task lists.
  • Costing
    Get straight to the bottom line with precise, fully integrated electronic costing. Set, calculate, report, and project standard or activity-based costing for cost points or centers.
  • FactoryConnect
    Get a holistic view and the power to take action across ALL factory systems—tools/equipment, databases, third-party software, ERPs, and more. FactoryConnect means quick, reliable, and completely open connectivity and event management among ANY production systems.
  • Recipe Management System (RMS)
    Configure and enforce detailed settings of automated equipment recipes, including dynamic feed-forward and feed-back adjustments for advanced process control (APC) to improve quality and lower manufacturing costs.
  • Special Processing/SWR
    Design experiments to test evolving processes and products and apply them to selected lots of material. The module’s capabilities enable product and process engineers to configure special instructions in the system to enforce special work requests (SWRs) for research and development in a controlled manner.
  • Subscription Messaging
    Enable users to select notification of alerts/events most important to them, so each can stay on top of their own critical issues.
  • Developer's Toolkit
    Personalize any Eyelit application quickly without changing the product's framework. Our out-of-the-box development environment makes any level of customization easy.
"Eyelit is one of a new breed of production management suppliers that "gets it" when it comes to plant software. This is what manufacturers need in order to enhance enterprise performance in real time."