New Eyelit Insights

Use Microsoft® Power BI to analyze and track 80+ top manufacturing KPIs in Eyelit® v7.0. What’s new:

  • Dynamic slicers
  • Drill-through navigation
  • Smart narrative Visual
  • Decomposition Tree Visual
  • Live tool status dashboard


  • Centralized Application Instance Management
  • Monitor Application Health Across the Enterprise
  • Advanced Root-Cause Analysis Capability

New Features and Capabilities

Enjoy greater flexibility and control with a smoother, more intuitive interface. What’s new:

  • Quality Management (QMS) Web Modeler Enhancements
  • Image Map Modeling
  • Custom Object Types
  • New Asset Management Enhancements
  • Improved User Experience (UX)
  • EquipmentConnect
  • FactoryConnect
  • RMS Modules

Precision Industry-Specific Support

Our solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs, providing industry-specific capabilities. Here's the ever-increasing range of industries we serve:

Aerospace & Defense

Battery Technology


Medical Device


Solar Energy

What We Do

Eyelit® v7.0 software offers a comprehensive and collaborative manufacturing solution to enhance multiple facets of the production process – from optimizing manufacturing execution and streamlining supply chain coordination to maximizing asset utilization and ensuring top-notch quality management.

With its ready-to-use capabilities, Eyelit® v7.0 stands out as a notable industry leader that can be swiftly implemented within manufacturing operations, with little to no customization.

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Eyelit® v7.0 software

Eyelit® v7.0’s Solution Suite - Tailored to Support and Advance Industry 4.0 Initiatives

All the applications in our solution suite are designed and developed natively by Eyelit on a single technology architecture.

In contrast, many other Manufacturing Execution System (MES) options are a mix of products made by different software companies, using different technologies.

Solution Suite

Eyelit Supports the World's Most Innovative and Sophisticated Manufacturers