What we do

Eyelit software provides a fully-integrated, collaborative manufacturing solution for optimizing manufacturing execution, supply chain coordination, asset utilization, and quality management.

Eyelit is a recognized leader in providing “out-of-the-box” capabilities that are quickly deployed, and has a strong track record of satisfying functionality needs and achieving project goals with little or no customization.






Industries we serve

Eyelit has become a one-of-a-kind manufacturing solutions provider across multiple industries.

Manufacturing Efficiency For The Whole Enterprise

Our products are built with open connectivity and ease of use in mind


At the heart of our solutions is Eyelit MES, the core system augmented by optional modules. Those share the same event-based workflow engine throughout the product suite, with configurable scenarios that evaluate current conditions to control and direct activities.


The Eyelit Automation/Integration and Enterprise modules support the wide spectrum of integration and automation capabilities for Industry 4.0 initiatives and connectivity throughout the entire scope of vertical and horizontal value chains of data.


Giving managers and executives access to critical intelligence throughout the enterprise and across the global supply chain enables the right decisions to be made when it counts.


Proactively finding and correcting production problems is critical to manufacturing efficiency and the bottom line. Eyelit Quality modules deliver the ability to automatically find, track, resolve quality and compliance issues from initial detection through corrective and preventive action across the enterprise.

Eyelit delivers a broad set of solutions supporting Industry 4.0 initiatives

All Eyelit applications are designed and developed natively by Eyelit on a single technology architecture. Other MES offerings are often an amalgamation of products developed by multiple software companies using a variety of technologies.