manufacturing solutions.

Eyelit software provides agile, lean, and easy-to-use manufacturing solutions for optimizing manufacturing execution, supply chain coordination, asset utilization, and quality management.

Visibility. Control. Coordination.

Eyelit delivers a broad set of solutions supporting Industry 4.0 initiatives. 

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Eyelit is the leader in Manufacturing Execution, Quality Management (MES platform and QMS), and Automation solutions for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations for semiconductors, battery technology, aerospace & defense, electronics, life sciences, medical device, and solar industries. Eyelit uniquely delivers a broad set of smart factory and Industry 4.0 solutions to our clients. These functionalities include Asset Management, Dispatching, Factory and Equipment Integration (Automation/IoT), Manufacturing Execution (MES software /MOM), Recipe Management, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management (CAPA/OCAP/SPC/APC/RMA), and Business Process Management. This enables our customers to optimize production and company processes rapidly.

A unique blend of innovative technology and unparalleled service makes Eyelit software simpler to implement, integrate, and use. This allows solutions to roll out in as little as a third of the time for half the cost of comparable products. Simply put, Eyelit delivers more manufacturing efficiency—faster, easier, for less.



Deliver and support with world-class customer service, easy-to-use, high-technology manufacturing management solutions that increase productivity, quality, and the bottom line for our customers.


Advance manufacturing efficiency in today’s quickly moving, on-demand world and across global supply chain networks by providing innovative software solutions that enable customers to transform manufacturing operations continually.



Eyelit is here to exceed the expectations of the customers we partner with by using our successful and integrative manufacturing solutions.


Eyelit believes in encouraging and promoting excellence through innovation and creativity.


Eyelit has an open culture where we stand by honesty, being honest, ethical, and fair.


Here at Eyelit we invest our time to grow as an organization and as individuals. We prepare our team to provide the best manufacturing solutions through personal development and continuous improvement.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Eyelit embraces and acts on the responsibility to guarantee diversity and equality. We invite different ideas, strengths, and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed by encouraging healthy debates and different opinions.

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Every Customer is Our Business

Eyelit’s ability to address customers’ specific needs has set us apart from our competitors. Eyelit’s customer-driven products are more intuitive, user-friendly, and honestly address the real-world needs of manufacturers. Eyelit forges long-term partnerships with every customer, providing extensive training, education, and technical assistance. There is no claim of success unless customers realize the full benefit from every Eyelit product. With expertise, proven success, excellent references in multiple industries, and a strong history of innovation, Eyelit has become a one-of-a-kind manufacturing solutions provider.

Our People

Here at Eyelit, our staff is thoroughly recruited to apply their general knowledge and skills in providing our clients with the best service possible. The team uses innovative ideas to bring different concepts and goals to life.

Eyelit encourages an inclusive environment where we can openly communicate to drive success for the company and our staff. We value the talent our team brings to the table by committing to our core values here at Eyelit and providing exceptional solutions.

For every solution delivered to our client, there is an excellent team of people behind it who are intelligent, unique, and highly determined.

We are growing our team.

Eyelit continually seeks highly motivated and skilled individuals to join our outstanding, customer-focused staff.

Every Eyelit team member brings experience and specialized knowledge to create and deploy exceptional software solutions. From programming to customer service, the people at Eyelit turn products into solutions. Eyelit provides dedicated individuals with the opportunity to apply their skills to develop and promote the latest technology in a challenging and positive work environment.

For more information about building your career with Eyelit, contact the Human Resources Manager at: careers@eyelit.com.