Product Suite

Better, robust,
affordable, High-Tech
manufacturing solutions

All Eyelit solutions are built with configurability, open connectivity, and ease of use in mind. The power behind them is an advanced platform-independent architecture shared across all modules that also makes integration to other applications—even legacy systems—quick and simple.

Exactly the tools you need. Whether you are looking for a shop-floor control system, an enterprise asset management system, or just simple integration of heterogeneous systems, Eyelit meets the requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Manufacturers face constant pressure to lower costs and accelerate the design, production, and delivery of products of the highest quality. Eyelit software applications help customers optimize performance across all production related operations—experimentation, manufacturing execution, asset, and quality management and all the way through to supply chain execution. They direct the flow of materials and critical manufacturing information throughout the enterprise. The flexibility and agility they enable keep manufacturing aligned with the rest of the business to make quick adjustments to market and customer demands.

Eyelit Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Eyelit Manufacturing Execution System (MES) ™

At the heart of our solutions is Eyelit MES, the core system augmented by optional modules.

Those share the same event-based workflow engine throughout the product suite, with configurable scenarios that evaluate current conditions to control and direct activities.

Eyelit MES, is a next generation, platform-independent, manufacturing execution system, providing the broadest set of functionalities for coordination, control, and optimization of a manufacturer’s business and production processes. Starting with the initial order receipt to finished goods, Eyelit MES manages the flow of critical information across the enterprise.

Eyelit Automation / Integration



Integration ™

Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing.

The Eyelit Automation/Integration and Enterprise modules support the wide spectrum of integration and automation capabilities for Industry 4.0 initiatives and connectivity throughout the entire scope of vertical and horizontal value chains of data. From shop floor equipment to consumer smart devices, these modules help to manage, make sense of, and optimize the use of, large volumes of data throughout factory automation, Smart Manufacturing, the Internet of Things (Iot), Internet of Systems, and global virtual enterprises.

Eyelit Intelligence


Intelligence ™

The Right Information to the Right People, Right Now.

Giving managers and executives access to critical intelligence throughout the enterprise and across the global supply chain enables the right decisions to be made when it counts. It means you know exactly how to improve efficiency and you have that knowledge before little issues turn into profit-draining problems.

Eyelit Quality


Quality ™

Quality Management you can count on.

Proactively finding and correcting production problems is critical to manufacturing efficiency and the bottom line. Eyelit Quality modules deliver the ability to automatically find, track and resolve quality and compliance issues from initial detection through corrective and preventive action across the enterprise. And because the system is close-looped, you know when products are perfect and in compliance, and production is working the way it should.