Eyelit Technologies Acquires Optessa Software

The two companies join forces to deliver on the promise of ‘Smarter Manufacturing’ to increase performance and quality


LEWISVILLE, Tex., Feb. 21, 2024 — Eyelit Technologies, a leader in Manufacturing Operations
Management (MOM), Manufacturing Execution (MES), Quality Management (QMS), and Factory
Automation solutions, has acquired Optessa, a pioneer in optimization and AI-powered advanced
planning and scheduling software. The acquisition extends Eyelit Technologies’ footprint into the
automotive sector, where Optessa solutions are in use at four of the top 10 automotive original equipment manufacturers.


Optessa leverages optimization, AI, and machine learning to sequence millions of configuration options across complex, sophisticated assembly workflows, including those of automobiles. The combined teams will continue Optessa’s innovation roadmap for the automotive sector while extending these breakthrough capabilities to other industries, including aerospace, battery, defense, medical devices, semiconductor, and solar.


“The promise of smarter manufacturing is to make operational gains that create sustained value beyond the factory floor,” said Joe Bellini, CEO of Eyelit Technologies. “Through our acquisition of Optessa, we take smarter manufacturing further by offering intelligent planning and scheduling, two of the most important manufacturing workflows. We will continue serving the world’s leading automotive manufacturers with the highest standards while extending Optessa’s innovation, alongside our MES products, to a growing range of industries.”


Optessa CEO Ashok Erramilli will join Eyelit Technologies’ leadership team, continuing to run the Optessa product while helping the company advance into new markets.


“Optessa uses a blend of optimization, AI, and machine learning techniques to deliver superior solutions that lead to unprecedented productivity achievements for our customers,” said Erramilli. “Customers tell us of improved efficiencies, on-time delivery, and supply chain resilience, all of which have had positive impacts on their profitability. We are proud to have become an essential part of their operations and look forward to scaling our innovation, partnership approach, and renowned service by integrating with Eyelit Technologies.”


The Optessa acquisition establishes Eyelit Technologies as a unique provider of closed loop planning and execution needed to drive rapid efficiency in the manufacturing space. Significant new value will be created by unifying and aligning planning and execution processes.


About Eyelit Technologies

For more than 20 years, Eyelit Technologies has enabled significant gains by many of the world’s most innovative and sophisticated manufacturers. Its Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Quality Management (QMS), Automation software platforms, and AI-based predictive analytics, have delivered on the promise of Smarter Manufacturing.  Eyelit Technologies products are utilized across the globe for aerospace and defense solutions, battery technology, medical devices, semiconductors, and an increasing number of highly engineered products. With Banneker Partner’s support and an enduring drive for category leadership, Eyelit Technologies has become the fastest-growing brand in the manufacturing technology space. For more information, please visit www.eyelit.com.


About Optessa

Optessa is a leader in planning and scheduling optimization software with many successful implementations among top-tier global manufacturers. Optessa products have wide applicability in diverse manufacturing industries including discrete manufacturing industries like automotive OEMs, suppliers, power equipment, electronics, semiconductor, and mills and process manufacturing industries such as food and beverage and paints as well as shipping and logistics. The Optessa team combines deep expertise in software, optimization, manufacturing, and AI/ML technologies with unmatched customer commitment. To learn more about Optessa please visit www.optessa.com.


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